Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery)

Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery)

Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery)

Mastopexy, commonly known as breast lift surgery, helps to improve the shape and volume of breasts that could be lost with age, breastfeeding or with weight loss by removing excess skin and tightening the tissue in the nearby tissue. As in all breast lift surgery, the areola and nipple are moved to a higher position to create a natural symmetry.breastlift surgery

Sometimes the areola becomes clear over time, mastopexy (breast lift surgery) can help reduce this. The mastopexy (breast lift surgery) can rejuvenate your figure with more young and raised breasts. If you want bigger and raised breasts you could think about the option of a mastopexy (breast lift surgery) with breast implants surgery.

Generally, breast lift surgery or mastopexy is indicated to correct sagging breasts, but if they also have low volume, at the same time, and as indicated by the surgeon, breast augmentation could be done using a prosthesis, in addition, you can reduce the size of the areola. The main objective of this surgical procedure is purely aesthetic, recommended to elevate and improve the shape of the fallen breasts. Since after the years and by various factors such as age, genetics, having been pregnant etc. They have made the breasts look like falls.

Ideal candidate for breast lift surgery

The ideal candidates for the mastopexy (breast lift surgery) are:

  • Count on an optimal state of health, including a healthy weight, and that you are not and will not be pregnant in the coming months.
  • Not to smoke
  • If you feel that your breasts are drooping or that they have lost their shape and volume
  • The areolas and nipples point down
  • When they do not have support your nipples fall under the breast fold
  • Your breasts are bent or pendulous
  • One breast is more fallen than the other
  • You have skin hanging and areolas enlarged

If you decide to have a mastopexy (breast lift surgery), it must be by your own decision, not to satisfy the wishes of someone else.

We must remember that this type of surgery is purely aesthetic, but to do so, we must have good health, in order to allow the results of this surgery to be favorable.

Before deciding to undergo this type of surgery such as mastopexy (breast lift surgery). it is necessary to consult with a specialist, who after evaluating, and know the clinical history, will determine if you are a good candidate for this intervention, a thorough examination, as well as some exams that the doctor indicates, they will be of help to know if it can be submitted to this surgery without risks.

Within what the doctor will do to know if it is an ideal candidate, will be a review of the breasts, will observe the firmness of the skin, and will be key to know your medical history, if you have diseases or has undergone plastic surgeries previous, there is mention all this information, the specialist will suggest a mammogram, and will give all the necessary and important information that should be known before the surgery.

Make sure that there is no doubt in the first medical consultation, the explanation of the surgical techniques, as well as the expected expectations, necessary preparation before surgery and recovery, is part of the information that the patient should know. It is important that the doctor gives his support to be able to undergo mastopexy (breast lift surgery).

What results to expect from a mastopexy (breast lift surgery)?

In general, the results obtained from this surgery have been favorable and satisfactory.

Among the benefits that can be expected are:

  • Improve the shape and projection of the breasts
  • Depending on the techniques used, scars may or may not be visible
  • The effect of surgery such as breast lift has lasting effects, but these may not be permanent, however, this will depend on the particular case of each person
  • These results to be determined as good or bad will be based on the expectations you have before undergoing surgery
  • The results will depend on the future of each patient, new pregnancies, the passage of time, aging, changes in weight, or state of health, etc.

In addition, it is important that any question that may arise is discussed with the doctor who has practiced mastopexy (breast lift surgery), good preoperative and postoperative care is essential to ensure good results.

Mastopexy (breast lift surgery) procedure

The surgical procedure of breast lift, generally, is ambulatory. But in some cases, there may be a hospitalization of 24 hours or more, depending on what the doctor indicates.


Generally, breast lift surgery is carried out with local anesthesia plus sedation. However, in some cases or depending on the type of technique that will be used, general anesthesia can be used in surgery.


There are several techniques for modeling and lifting the breasts

  • Incisions are made that include an area of the breast that is consistent in the part of the skin that is going to be removed, and that will place the nipple and areola in the new position in order to elevate the breast. The objective of this technique is to position the areola-nipple in a higher position.
  • Sutures are used that are placed around the areola, the positions in which they go depends on the technique used, and how far the breast is
  • Some surgeons choose to place a prosthesis under the breast tissue, in the case of breasts with low volume
  • After the surgical procedure, a special bandage or bra is placed
  • If there is a good amount of skin, the mastopexy (breast lift surgery) is done by removing the excess skin, and the breast is remodeled
  • If the breast volume is excessive, breast tissue is removed for a proper breast lift (reduction mammoplasty)

Although there are multiple techniques to perform mastopexy (breast lift surgery). The choice of these will depend on the surgeon, this after observing and seeing the state of the breasts. In all of them, there are scars, however, with time they are disappearing.

incisions for breast lift

Preoperative of the mastopexy (breast lift surgery)

The surgeon will indicate the measures to follow in preparation for surgery, among which are:

  • Do not eat or drink eight hours before surgery
  • Suspend the intake of drugs of any kind (aspirin, anticoagulants, supplements, etc.)
  • Ask the doctor about the use of creams, products, makeup
  • Bring ample and comfortable clothes for after surgery
  • Ask a relative or friend to be the one who accompanies the intervention
  • Make all the necessary preparations to be able to have an adequate recovery time
  • It is necessary one to two consultations prior to surgery, where the doctor can perform a thorough breast examination, and perform some studies such as mammography, ultrasound, as indicated.

Mastopexy (breast lift surgery) risks

As with all cosmetic surgery, there are certain risks, and breast lift is not the exception. However, the chances of complications are minimal. Although it is a short-term surgery, once the effect of anesthesia has passed, the pain will appear, which can easily be controlled with analgesics.

The risks that may be after performing the mastopexy (breast lift surgery) will be:

  • Bleeding
  • Bruises
  • Infections
  • Excess sensitivity in the areola, nipple
  • Problems to heal well

The risks are low, generally, people who have already undergone this type of breast lift surgery, have had no complications, it should be noted that if there were future pregnancies having undergone a mastopexy (breast lift surgery), will not affect breastfeeding. It is important to remember that if there is pain, bruising, sensitivity, this is normal after surgery, but if time has passed, and this is also accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, excessive pain, self-medication is not recommended, it is necessary to consult with The doctor as soon as possible.

Something important is that during the planning and/or preparation to undergo mastopexy (breast lift surgery), it is necessary to indicate everything to the doctor, whether it is smoked, or if a treatment has been or is being taken, this also includes the use of multivitamin supplements.

Postoperative of mastopexy (breast lift surgery)

One of the most important areas to take care of is postoperative. This to ensure an adequate recovery. The doctor will indicate what steps to follow to avoid possible alterations, the results are often determined by the care performed after surgery.

The main measures to follow are:

  • The doctor will place a bandage. In addition, a bra will be used approximately for a month. This should be the indicated one, without hoops, elastic, and that has adjustable braces. The bra can only be removed when showering.
  • The doctor will schedule an appointment at three weeks, to be able to remove the sutures
  • The surgeon may indicate the use of a rimless bra for a month and a half longer. Those who have hoop may be used after several months of having mastopexy (breast lift surgery)
  • Massages may be given, in order to reduce inflammation, however, this should be indicated and suggested by the doctor
  • You should avoid lifting heavy things, exercises, and do not make any sudden movements
  • The activities can be resumed a few days after having been operated, always following the care that the doctor has indicated.

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